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What do we offer?

The West Area Inclusion Partnership support schools, pupils and their families in the West wedge of Leeds.


The West AIP has set up and funds a variety of interventions including the Pupil Development Centre, Oasis at St Barts Primary school and Oasis at Swinnow which supports KS1 and 2 children, the Oasis at the West CLC for KS 3 pupils and WILZ in Bramley to support KS 3 and 4 pupils.  Further information on the provisions can be found if you click on the appropriate links on the main AIP website.  (   

The AIP is also developing a new provision, West 14 for KS4 young people who are disengaged with mainstream learning. For further information see additional page on this site.


The West AIP also has a team of staff who offer support to schools, pupils and their families.

This team includes Primary behaviour support workers, parent specialisits, a transition mentor, a re-inclusion officer, a training colleague, administration support  and the AIP manager. 


For more infprmation please call 0113 279 5984 0r 07748763167