West AIP  


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What do we offer?

Area Inclusion Partnerships are non-statutory partnerships of school clusters that embody the collective responsibility for children within the localities they serve.  They are built on a shared moral purpose and contribute to the vision for Leeds as a Child Friendly City; the aims of the Leeds Education Challenge; and the model of integrated cluster working facilitated by the Children’s Services Directorate.

The West Area Inclusion Partnership exists to improve the inclusion processes, practices, and provision of its member schools through effective partnership working.  It will promote the educational outcomes of the children served by its schools and specifically support partner schools in the:

·       Prevention of exclusion through earlier, and effective, intervention;

·       Provision of high quality experiences to children who cannot manage in a mainstream setting at a particular point in their learning journey; and,

The re-integration of children into mainstream learning where they can continue to progress through, and out of, learning into education, employment or training


The West AIP has developed a variety of interventions including the ABC Centre for KS1 pupils in Bramley, the Oasis at St Barts Primary school in Armley and the Oasis at Swinnow Primary in Pudsey  which supports KS1 and 2 children, the Oasis in Bramley for KS 3 pupils,  W11 in Stanningley  also for  KS 3 pupils and West 14 in Wortley to support Ks 4 learners. 

See additional pages for more detail on these and more services.

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