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Webster Stratton Classroom Management Training

Good behaviour management is the foundation for learning.  If students don’t know how to behave appropriately in the classroom then they will struggle to access the school curriculum and their attainment will most likely be negatively affected.

The Webster Stratton Classroom Management program of training is a 5 day course aimed at helping school staff to develop positive and proactive behaviour management strategies and develops skills that help to teach students appropriate pro-social behaviours when in school.  Over the 5 days the course looks at:-


  • Building Positive Relationships With Students
  • Proactivity in the Classroom
  • The Importance of Attention, Encouragement and Praise
  • Motivating Children Through Incentives
  • Decreasing Inappropriate Behaviours
  • How To Teach Social Skills, Problem Solving and Anger Management In The Classroom


Throughout the course the delegates develop an intensive Individual Behaviour Plan for a child in their class that  looks to help those children with specific behaviour issues and each delegate can have further support from the trainers in the form of:-

  • Mentoring/Coaching through specific behaviour management issues
  • Support with writing IBP’s
  • Developing Whole School Behaviour Policies


Feedback from past delegates;

I found a lot of the ideas from the session very helpful and easily transferable into the classroom environment.

It was a great course day which has allowed me to learn and develop new techniques to manage classroom disruptions

Great ideas for IBP's

A very positive and upbeat training course, I enjoyed the group discussions   


For further details contact Ali Moorhouse [email protected]