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LS12 4RE


West 14 provides an alternative to permanent expulsion for the 6 west Leeds partner schools, working alongside the West area inclusion partnership (AIP). West 14 aims to meet the needs and ambitions of up to 46 learners through a multi-agency approach that puts the learner at the heart of everything we do. This is  achieved by understanding the reasons for removal from school/ exclusion, looking at historical data and providing viable alternatives to mainstream education that help raise aspiration and foster positive outcomes. Learning plans will be tailored around the individual and seek input from the learner, parents/guardians, partner school and external agencies.

The provision is based around literacy, numeracy, communication, behaviour/social skills along with access to several other level 2 qualifications, using SMART targets that will be reviewed half termly. The programme provides young people with a personalised alternative curriculum whereby they achieve accredited qualifications whilst working alongside external partnerships.

Learners will follow the compulsory elements of the national curriculum, with a strong emphasis placed on functional skills. Overall aims include:

·        Raise student aspirations, morale and motivation- Providing a work focused learning environment with clear outcomes

·        Develop social skills as well as the required behaviour and attitudes required for employment and or future learning

·        Establish strong and lasting partnerships between the student, parent/carer and relevant agencies as part of the West 14 programme of study. West 14 will offer time and support as well as reviewing learning and ensuring progress within out curriculum

·        “Close the gap” in attainment between socially disadvantaged learners and their peers

·        Ensuring family and community engagement “beyond the school gate”

·        Provide an opportunity for our learners to complete KS4  and continue learning, training or employment as part of the “Leeds Guarantee”

·        Improve school behaviour and attendance and reduce the number of fixed term /suspensions and permanent exclusions

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